Why Does My Beard Grow So Fast

You’ve committed to the beard-growing process, but the rate at which your facial hair is growing surprises you. Or you’re not that into beard and shave regularly but get annoyed when you start noticing stubbles on your face just a day after you had your last close shave. So, why does my facial hair grow so fast?

In this piece, we’ll get to get to the bottom of why your beard grows so fast by looking at the factors that affect the beard growth rate.

Why Does My Facial Hair Grow So Fast? Reasons

You won’t find many men into beard grooming that ask why their beard grows to fast. Many would be delighted by this and go with it. It means you don’t have to wait long to achieve your beard goals. However, many are curious people and would probably want to find out why their beard grows faster than a friend. 

Another group of men that would likely ask this question are those who like to keep a clean-shaven face. They are, however, frustrated by the fact that they have to shave almost every morning due to fast growth.

Why Does My Facial Hair Grow So Fast? Reasons

Whether you’re the curious cat or the frustrated one, you’ll get some answers in this piece. The growth rate of your beard is tied to several factors. Some are within your control, while a few you really can’t do much about.

Why Does My Facial Hair Grow So Fast? The Factors

  • Genetics and Hormones 

If we had to choose only one factor that determines beard growth or lack of it, it would be genes. Genetics is the primary biological determinant of a man’s beard development. It determines the growth rate, thickness, length, etc.

A family of men with a fast-growing beard would likely pass that trait to male offspring.

The hormones responsible for beard growth are testosterone and dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Testosterone would define your beard thickness, while DHT would determine density. Most men have the same levels of testosterone in the body; how the body responds to it is important. This brings us back to genetics (always genetics).

Hair growth is different for each man. Next time your friend asks why your beard is growing faster than his despite practicing almost the same beard grooming regimen, explain the role of genetics in beard growth.

  • Diet

Asides genetics, the next thing that most affects beard growth is probably diet. We are what we eat. A healthy diet would boost testosterone levels, and a high level would make your beard grow faster. 

The outer layer of the hair follicles is mostly made up of keratin, which is proteinous. So consuming food rich in protein would have an impact on the growth rate of your beard while also giving a healthier beard.

If you’re one looking to slow down beard growth and think eating unhealthy is the way to go, we strongly advise against that. Don’t play yourself, bro!

Why Does My Facial Hair Grow So Fast? The Factors
  • Exercise

Regular exercising helps blood circulation around your body and this leads to what? You guessed right – higher testosterone levels. This would lead to an increased growth rate for your beard.

Again, just because you don’t like the fast growth rate of your beard doesn’t mean you should stop hitting the gym. Keep fit, fam! Health is wealth……or in this case, beard.

  • Ethnic Background

Your origin and race are also influential in beard growth. European men are likely to experience a fast beard growth rate compared to Native Americans, Asians, and Africans. This is not to say this would be the reality in all cases, but more often than not, it is true.

  • Shaving

First and foremost, do not believe the beard myth that says the more you shave your beard, the faster and thicker it would grow back. It’s absolutely absurd. We’re looking into where this myth originated from and would probably have an answer for you in the 23rd century.

The only way shaving could be a cause for fast beard growth is if you stop shaving. What did you expect? You leave your beard just out there like that. It would continue to grow and grow quickly. The rate of growth is, of course, different for each man because of genetics.

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  • Using beard products

By taking care of your beard, it would reward you by growing fast. Using quality beard products like beard oil, beard balm, etc. would provide the necessary nutrients needed for your beard to grow thicker and faster. 

No two men would have the same growth rate or grow the same kind of beard, even if their beard care regimen is the same. That’s life.

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  • Stress and Rest

This is another factor that not only helps (or not) beard growth but also determines the speed.

Increased stress levels would affect your testosterone levels, thereby slowing down beard growth. However, if you somehow manage to live a stress-free life in this chaotic world then this would have a direct effect on the speed at which your beard grows.

If you also somehow manage to get more than enough rest and sleep daily, your testosterone would rejoice and in return, increase your beard’s growth rate. This could be a good or bad thing depending on who you ask.

Some popular beard myths about fast beard growth are:

  • Your beard would grow back faster when you shave
  • All men have the same beard growth rate
  • Facial hair genes come from the mother’s side
  • All beard products would increase your beard density
  • All parts of the beard should grow at the same rate

All these statements are myths, and you shouldn’t waste time believing it.

Why Does My Facial Hair Grow So Fast? Ethnic Background


The growth rate of your beard is a phenomenon that cannot be controlled entirely. You cannot change your genes or hormones. They remain the most significant factor for beard growth. You can, however, help by doing the right things towards altering your beard growth rate.

If you’re keeping a beard that’s growing fast, appreciate and enjoy it. If you’re not into beards but also experience fast growth, invest in quality shaving products to get a clean-shaven beard every few days.

We hoped you enjoyed the article. Look forward to seeing your comments. Till next time fam!